Square cages moored in sheltered area.
Offshore cage of P2M pilot project.
Three Farmocean offshore cages in semi-submerged position. ACQUA AZZURRA
Cages flotilla moored in Pinarello bay in Corsica.
Offshore fish farm in dead calm. The facility included 24 cages connected to a feed barge.
Aerial view of 2 flotillas of cages in an offshore site of Canarias Island


Gran Canaria - Spain


Group Chief Operating Officer for Canary Islands.

Production in cages  of sea bass and sea bream, 2,800 tons per year. Management of 2 concessions and a packing plant. 55 employees.


Significant achievements:

1- Risk assessment of the group's grow-out activity (production facilities, environment, production strategy, animal health, staff security, theft or vandalism, legal aspects).

  • Propositions of solutions.
  • Preparation of an action plan.
  • Implementation of the selected solutions


2- Setting up of a tool for the evaluation of the production strategy with the aim of increasing margin and productivity per cage. The developped tool allowed comparing distinct production scenarios.

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