Offshore site exposed to cresting waves

Fish production in sheltered area is a common production system and is quite simple to implement. However, the favourable locations for this type of fish farm often competes closely with other intense human activities such as tourism or industry. The good locations are therefore scarce.


Offshore sites allow the production of fish in a high quality environment that are only marginally impacted by human activities.


The impact of offshore aquaculture on the weaker elements of the ecosystem is notoriously reduced. However, physical stress imposed by offshore environments on production settings is huge and requires an in depth risk assessment. Risk will be limited through a relevant choice of the production tools and their careful sizing.


The field knowledge of SINAPS Consult together with its in depht experience of project  management will be highly valuable to any project holder wanting to develop farming facilities in environmentally exposed sites.



Here are some references:



Production manager of CULMAREX Group (Spain).

Production in cages of sea bass and sea bream, 7,250 tons per year. Management of 8 concessions (most of them in offshore conditions), a nets maintenance station (300 units) and a general maintenance workshop. 190 employees.



Responsible for the installation of 33 cages (25, 28 and 32 m of diameter) and their mooring system. / CULMAREX Group (Spain).



Project manager following the construction of a feed barge with 250 T capacity / CULMAREX Group (Spain).

Production Structures
Risk assessment needs an ongoing effort that starts from the origin of the project. Here we are talking about the five main levers which allow to control the risk on production structures. 1.&nbs...
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