Close-up on freshly harvested farmed Sea Bream

We have developed our skills and expertise within exposed sites, mostly in sea bass and sea bream producing farms in offshore conditions.


SINAPS Consult capacities cover 3 main areas: Farm management, fish husbandry, rearing systems & equipments.


Farm management

Due to a long experience in multi-site management, we have gained strong capacities in planification and coordination. The development of production strategies, their economic analysis and the implementation of improvement plans has given us a perfect control and knowledge of all the production stages


SINAPS Consult will advise in order to optimise your results.


Fish husbandry

Mediterranean aquaculture is mainly based in the rearing of 2 species (sea bass and sea bream), which is usually carried out within the same company, often even in the same production site. The specific management of the needs required by each species (feeding regime, health control, biological requirements, behaviour…) is a perfect background for the development of rearing technologies for other species.


SINAPS Consult can provide expertise on any species.


Rearing systems and equipments

Looking for the best trade-off between resistance, animal welfare, ergonomy and cost, requires a constant will of improvement. This requires a perfect knowledge of the selected materials and of their behaviour under the conditions of use.


The strong operational knowledge of SINAPS Consult allows us to provide you with the most relevant solutions.


Over 20 years’ experience and know how in aquaculture to ensure the success of your projects.

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