System of pond in Ré island, used for shellfish farming

Mollusc production plants are facing highly challenging sanitary and environmental constraints that must orientate the choice of future production sites and/or farming techniques.


These constraints have led to the development of 2 main distinct production strategies i.e. (i) the production in pond under hydraulic isolation and controlled environment and (ii) the production in offshore environment with strong water renewal.


SINAPS has been involved in the development of rearing systems.



Here are some references:



Design of an innovative module for the culture of shellfish. / Consultant for CULTIMAR (France).



Design of rearing facilities for pre-fattening of oyster seeds in pond. Capacity of 1500 lantern nets / Consultant for CULTIMAR (France).



Supporting mission to production in a pre-fattening oyster farm / Consultant for CULTIMAR (France).


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