• CULMAREX GROUP - 2004-2009

    Águilas - Spain.


    Group production manager.

    Production in cages of sea bass and sea bream, 7,250 tons per year. Management of 8 concessions (most of them in offshore conditions), a nets maintenance station (300 units) and a general maintenance workshop.

    190 employees.

    Turnover 2008 : 27 M€. Projection 2009 : 40 M€.


    The group's expansion:

    • Technical due diligence of 9 fishfarms.
    • Integration of 3 acquired fishfarms.
    • Installation of 2 new fishfarms.
    • Extension of 2 existing fishfarms.
    • Recruitement, supervision and coordination of a team in charge of technical support to production sites of the group (animal health, planification, feeding and moorings, nets and boats maintenance).
    • Standardization of production processes and training of new teams.
    • Implementation of quality standards for the group.
  • IDEE - 2012

    Montpellier - France.


    Member of the expert group led by IDEE to carry out the "techno-economic feasibility study for an industrial fishfarm project in Mayotte - Capacity of 800T of red drum (Scianops ocellata) and 4000T of cobia (Rachycentron canadum)  per year". MAYOTTE AQUACULTURE - Mayotte - France.


    The work of SINAPS Consult focussed on:

    • Contribution to the sea site selection.
    • Pre-sizing of the production tools.
    • Design of the seasite facilities.
    • Definition of equipment requirements for both the seasite and landbase.
    • Evaluation of needed investments.
    • Detailed evaluation of staff requirement.
  • GOLDEN GROUP - 2014

    Tourcoing - France.


    Advice to fish cages project holders. Qeshm – Iran.


    Pre-selection of relevant production sites


    Draft project for 3 fish farms (75T pilot fish farm, 325T and 1100T commercial fish farm)


    • Elaboration of production scenarios
    • Proposal of production plans
    • Staff requirement and delivery of organisation charts
    • Evaluation of the minimal compulsory equipment


    Quantitative and qualitative description of materials and equipments needed for the organization of local supply.



    Quepos – Costa Rica.


    Comprehensive assessment of a spotted rose snapper (Lutjanus guttatus) cage fish farm. Grow-out operation.

    • Rearing performance.
    • Facilities and means of production.
    • Human resources and work organisation.
    • Risk assessment.
    • Development strategy.

    Proposals of solutions, improvements and production strategy.

  • Scallops produced in lanterns

    You will benefit from our professionalism and know-how in one of the most demanding fields of aquaculture.                            


    SINAPS Consult is specialised in Offshore aquaculture. In that environment, production is carried out under conditions that can be particularly severe, hence nothing should be left to chance.Every aspect of Offshore aquaculture is crucial. Altrhough production itself is obviously the main focus, infrastructure maintenance, logistics, human resources management, security and many other aspects are key components of success.


    SINAPS Consult will provide you with the most relevant advices based on sound experience and proven results. Whatever the aquaculture sector you are involved in, just contact us and we will be delighted to exchange and further determine how best we can help to reach your objectives.

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