Sicily - Italy.


    Responsible for the project (from specification to sea trials) of a 45 feet versatile well boat allowing transporting juveniles as well as performing all tasks routinely carried out on offshore cage sites.

  • The experiences that have marked my professional background in fish farming.

    INRA - FRANCE,(September 1986 to July 1988)

    Experimental fish farm on KERGUELEN Islands, T.A.A.F. (French Southern and Antarctic Territories). “Sea ranching” production of Coho (Oncorhynchus kisutch) and Chinook (Oncorhynchus tshawytscha).


    I have been managing for 15 months an experimental fish farm on Kerguelen Island under the direction of INRA (the french National Institute for Agricultural Research). This farm, located in the south of Indian Ocean, was probably the more remote fish farm in the world (50° South, 70° East). I insured the production of smolts, and was responsible for logistics coordination of the project. I also participated in the assessment of salmon populations in the rivers of the island. Finally I attended to the first returns of salmons, which allowed me carry out the first artificial fertilisation on site.


    Águilas - Spain.


    Transport of juveniles by boat:

    • Transformation of a 90 feet boat for live fish transport.
    • On board supervision of juveniles transport and delivery.
    • Delivery of a procedures document.
    • Training of hatchery staff to transport and unloading of juveniles.
  • CULMAREX GROUP - 2004-2009

    Águilas - Spain.


    Group production manager.

    Production in cages of sea bass and sea bream, 7,250 tons per year. Management of 8 concessions (most of them in offshore conditions), a nets maintenance station (300 units) and a general maintenance workshop.

    190 employees.

    Turnover 2008 : 27 M€. Projection 2009 : 40 M€.


    The group's expansion:

    • Technical due diligence of 9 fishfarms.
    • Integration of 3 acquired fishfarms.
    • Installation of 2 new fishfarms.
    • Extension of 2 existing fishfarms.
    • Recruitement, supervision and coordination of a team in charge of technical support to production sites of the group (animal health, planification, feeding and moorings, nets and boats maintenance).
    • Standardization of production processes and training of new teams.
    • Implementation of quality standards for the group.
  • CULMAREX GROUP - 2007-2009

    Águilas - Spain.


    Management of four 55-60 feet work boat projects, (from specification to sea trials).

  • OCEANPRIME - 2016-2017

    Lisbon – Portugal.


    Support of a project in the execution phase: Grow-out of sea bream (Sparus aurata) and greater amberjack (Seriola dumerili) in offshore cages in Madeira.

    • Technical advice on investments.
    • Advice on all aspects of production.
    • Study of establishment and anchoring projects.
    • Nets design.
    • Schedules of specifications for the workboat.

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