Aquaculture course: offshore site characterization
Aquaculture course: Effect of immersion on forces reduction
Aquaculture course: comparison between the different systems of offshore cages.
Aquaculture course: feeding technologies evolution.
Aquaculture course: feeding control technologies evolution.
Aquaculture course: The variables considered for production cost parametrization.
Aquaculture course: comparison between two production strategies


Paris - France.


Participation in the teatching unit for the second year of the engineering course of AgroParisTech:

"Sea products sector: from production to world markets".


SINAPS Consult is particularly involved in:

  • Fish farming in cages worldwide and his evolution.
  • Offshore technology.
  • Sea bass and sea bream markets and trade flows.
  • Parameterization of production costs.
  • Economic analysis of 2 production strategies.

Over 20 years’ experience and know how in aquaculture to ensure the success of your projects.

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